Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brother Fang's Special Note (The First Entry)....


Uh, I'll elaborate on this by saying that for whatever information I post about what I enjoy reading, watching or listening to, my facts are bound to get screwed up somewhere, as my knowledge of my favorite trivial stuff is better on some things than others. (This will be most likely found out with my first review of a Shaw Brothers movie!) That said, any corrections are welcome: ACCURATE ones! Otherwise, I'll be sure to do as much fact-checking on my end the best I can before posting. Promise.

Next, it should be known that the opinions I will express here are those of this humble archivist ONLY.

Finally, I mention this important information that must be taken into consideration when the reader goes through my reviews of foreign films. Let's remember in the movies where the actors' voices are dubbed, there are two pairs of talent we are enjoying when those DVDs are spinning: the PHYSICAL actors on-screen and the VOICEOVER artists who speak for them! It's this unique partnership that captivates us when we're watching a great film, and a lapse by either pair will alter the viewing experience, sometimes for the worse. (If you like the English dubs of classic "old school" martial arts films like The Thunderbolt Fist --illustrated above-- then what I've just wrote means NOTHING!)

To all the talented vocal actors (past and present) who covered all the languages needed for whatever format the entertainment gets presented to us (big-screen or video): while we often do not know your names like we do of the actors moving their lips, your work is equally valued and much appreciated. Thank you.

Keeping it trivial....

Fang Shih-yu, Shaolin Temple.