Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1001 Individuals More Memorable Than Charlie Sheen.... #25: Elisabeth Sladen (1948-2011).

(BBC/Warner Home Video.)

Brother Fang sez: "RIP, Sarah Jane."

Keeping it trivial....

Fang Shih-yu, Shaolin Temple.


  1. I go way back with The Doctor and have always admired Sarah Jane. It was Elisabeth's appearance in "School Reunion" that made me accept David Tennant as the Doctor. He looked at her with Tom Baker eyes. How could he not?

    Elisabeth Sladen's unexpected passing has left a hole in the universe.

  2. I'm a touch late getting to see the Doctor, myself, compared to others, Caftan Woman, but Sarah Jane is my fave among his helpers!

    I began to catch up on what I was missing with a generous helping over the course of 3-4 months on a PBS station in 1999. Jump ahead about 11 years, I finally started getting DVDs and catching airings of the new stuff on SyFy and BBC America.

    I look forward to the upcoming "Planet of the Spiders" release in May with Elisabeth and Jon Pertwee in his last regular episode as the Doctor. However, it may take the next Tom Baker reissue before we see a BBC tribute to this great lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!