Friday, April 1, 2011

It's April, fool!

LET'S celebrate the first day of April and All Fools' Day with a song from somebody who was nobody's fool! Enjoy Tiny Tim's rendition of "April Showers", the "A"-side of a rare 1966 45rpm single (Blue Cat 127) produced by Richard Perry, who also oversaw Tiny's classic Reprise LP God Bless Tiny Tim. (He even played all the instruments on this track!)

If this doesn't help remind everyone spring is here (after that holiday which has been overtaken by a certain Pagan creature with long ears), I don't know what will!

Keeping it trivial....

Fang Shih-yu, Shaolin Temple.


  1. Thank you for appreciating Mr. Tim, Miss Amber! He was a musicologist like no other! (I've liked him since the '70s.)

    I got the Rhino Handmade collection of his Reprise recordings over a year ago, and I've been playing it a few times a month ever since! Of course, I play God Bless Tiny Tim a little more than the others because it's so perfect an album!

    What do you like of Tiny's music?